How do I apply my Jewel Luxury Lashes?

  • Use your Jewel Luxury Lash Applicator or tweezers to remove your lashes from their case by grabbing from the outer corner and gently pulling away from the case. Your band may be sticky from the adhesive used to attach the lash to the packaging. This can be removed by gently pulling it from the band using your fingers or applicator.
  • If you have a small tab of the lash band that extends past the lash hairs on either side of your lash, always trim them off whether you have to trim your lash or not. 
  • Which lash goes on which eye? Our cat eye styles have a very obvious "right eye" and "left eye" These styles are Onyx, Amethyst, Topaz, Diamond, and Emerald. For these styles, the outside of the lash is either longer and/or fuller than the inside of the lash. The styles Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire are a more round shape, so usually you can choose which lash you want to be your "right eye" and "left eye".
  • Once you determine which lash will fit best on which eye, grab the center of the lash with your Jewel Luxury Lash Applicator and hold it to the center of your eye. 
  • The lash band should not extend past the outer corner of your eye lid and shouldn't lay too close to the inner corner either.
    • Pro tip: If the lash band is glued too close to the inner corner of the eye, it will cause the glue to loosen throughout the day and the lash will begin to lift as you blink. 
  • Using scissors, start to trim your lash band, always trimming from the outer edge of the lash.
    • We recommend trimming just a little bit at a time and holding your lash up to your lid between each trim to ensure that you don't cut off too much of your lash. 
  • Once you have the length of the lash trimmed to the perfect length for your eye shape, apply a small amount of glue directly to the lash band and let dry for about 15-25 seconds.
  • Once lash glue is tacky, (sticky, not wet) grab the center of your lash with the Jewel Luxury Lashes Applicator and place directly to the center of your eyelid, as close to your natural lash line as possible. 
  • Using your Jewel Luxury Lash Applicator, gently attach the inner end of the lash to the inner corner of your eye. 
  • Using the same method as with the inner end of the lash, attach the outer end of the lash to the outer corner of your eye. 
  • Pro Tip:
    • If your lash feels like its poking you on the inner or outer corner of your eye you may need to either trim the outer end of your lash more or reposition it further away from the inner corner or your eye and trim your lash a little more. 
Jewel Luxury Lashes are made with a comfortable cotton band and when trimmed correctly, you should not be able to feel them on your eye lid at all! 

    How do I remove my Jewel Luxury Lashes?

    • Your Jewel Luxury Lashes should be removed before your makeup removal routine. 
    • If needed, you can use a gentle makeup remover on a cotton swap and rub it along the lash line to gently soften the glue.
    • Using your fingers or Jewel Luxury Lash Applicator, gently grab the outer end of your lash and slowly pull the lash away from your eye. 
    • If you feel any resistance or pinching, apply more makeup remover with a cotton swab to the lash band to further dissolve the glue. 

    How do I properly care for my Jewel Luxury Lashes?

    To keep your Jewel Luxury Lashes fluffy and beautiful for up to 30 uses, we recommend keeping mascara away from them. To do this, apply any mascara to your natural lash prior to applying your Jewel Luxury Lash. 

    After each use, we recommend brushing out your lashes with the our Jewel Lash Wand and storing your Jewel Luxury Lashes in the provided packaging when not using to ensure your lash keeps its shape.

    To properly clean your Jewel Luxury Lashes, first you want to remove any glue from the lash band after removing your lashes. To do this you can use your fingers or a pair of tweezers to gently pick the lash glue from the lash band. If needed, you can apply micellar water to the band using a a q-tip to help loosen the glue. If you feel your lashes start to lose their curl, you can (very gently) use a lash curler at the base of the lash or get your Luxury Lash Wand damp with water and brush through your lashes, curling them as you go, until they are dry. 

    How do I clean my Jewel Luxury Lashes if I get makeup on them?

    To ensure you get the maximum uses out of your lashes, we recommend keeping any mascara or other makeup away from the lash. If you apply your lashes after all of your other makeup is done, then you shouldn't have a problem, but it is important to thoroughly clean your lashes periodically.

    If your Jewel Luxury Lashes have remnants of makeup or lash glue on the hairs, we recommend laying the lashes down on a clean cloth, and get your Luxury Lash Wand or a clean spoolie wet with water or micellar water (it should be damp, not dripping wet) and gently brush your lashes from base to tip curling your wand along with the curl of the lash. Once you have all makeup removed from your lashes, continue brushing your lashes using your lash wand until the lashes are dry, curling your lashes with the wand as you move the wand from the lash band to the end of the lash. DO NOT EVER rinse your lashes under a stream of water or get them completely wet. This will cause the lash to lose its curl completely and the lash may need to be replaced after this. 

    What are Jewel Luxury Lashes made of?

    Currently, we only offer cruelty-free and ethically sourced, luxury 3D Mink Lashes. All of our Jewel Luxury Lashes are made with a thin, comfortable cotton band to provide a weightless feel. 

    Why do my lashes look different that online?  

    Due to the nature of the product, false lashes in general can look different on every person. For this reason, we include videos and photos from multiple angles as well as detailed product description so that we can ensure satisfaction. All of our lashes are made by hand. This ensures a high-quality product but also leaves a possibility for extremely minor differences between every lash hair placement. Even so, we take the time to ensure that every single one of our lashes holds up to our very high standard. If you feel like a mistake has been made, please contact us at jewelluxurylashes@gmail.com

    Can I buy my products in-store?

    Currently, our products are only available online or in-store at the following locations:

    • Merle Norman Cosmetics Orange: 2224 MacArthur Dr. Orange, TX 77630
    • Merle Norman Cosmetics Bridge City: 1145 Texas Ave. Bridge City, TX 77611
    • Merle Norman Cosmetics Tarentum: 300 Corbet St Suite C, Tarentum, PA 15084