Jewel MUA Discount Program

Are you a makeup artist looking to stock your kit with beautiful lashes? Do you want to work with a brand that believes in you and wants to see you grow? Then you may want to become a Jewel MUA!

If anyone knows how expensive it is to stock your kit with high-quality lashes, its us! Yes, there are cheaper lash options out there that you can stack your kit with, but true makeup artists know that no lash compares to hand-made, high-quality, 3D Mink lashes. Not to mention, its much harder to get multiple uses out of the cheaper lash options, but with Jewel Luxury Lashes, your client gets to reuse her lashes time and time again! What are you waiting for? Apply to become a JEWEL MUA today! 

Who Qualifies?

Jewel MUA Perks are open for anyone who currently earns income directly from makeup artistry jobs. Although all jobs in the beauty industry are wonderful, you do not qualify for the Jewel MUA discount solely by working in one of the following jobs: hair stylist, nail technician, model, actor, dancer, fashion stylist, influencer, photographer, designer, or any other jobs related to the beauty industry. You may qualify if you currently work in one of these jobs, but you must currently earn income directly from makeup artistry jobs.


- Jewel Makeup Artists receive a 30% discount when you buy 5 or more sets of lashes. 

- No annual fee or sign up fee

- No discount code required

- Once approved, all you have to do is log in to your account, add 5 or more sets of lashes (all 5 sets can be different styles), and your discount will be automatically applied at checkout. 


 - Full Name

- Social Media Accounts / Website

- Years in the industry

- One photo from your most recent makeover

- No MUA Certification required

- Must be 18 years or older

Regulations and limitations:

 -  30% Jewel MUA discounts are a special privilege for approved Jewel MUA members only. Any and all products that are acquired directly from using your Jewel MUA discount are intended for personal and professional/ client use ONLY

- You are allowed to include Jewel Luxury Lashes in the price of your service as an "add-on fee" or however you choose to do so, but you ARE NOT ALLOWED to use your discount to purchase products for friends or family. You ARE NOT ALLOWED to purchase items with your Jewel MUA discount with the intent to resell the products to friends, family, or other businesses under any circumstances. If we find out that you are using your Jewel MUA discount to resell or distribute our product, or using your discount for any reason other than personal or professional/ client use your Jewel MUA account will be subject to termination, immediately. 

- You must already have an account set up on our site to submit an application. Please be sure to use the same email address on your application as your account. 

- Jewel Luxury Lashes reserves the right to approve, deny, or cancel membership at any time and at our discretion. Jewel Luxury Lashes is allowed to make changes to the program at any time and without prior notification. Some products will not be available for a Jewel MUA discount, such as, limited-edition items, Lash Lover Starter Kits, bundle sets, gift sets, or sale items. The Jewel MUA discount cannot be combined with any other offers, sales, or discounts. The Jewel MUA discount does not apply to any taxes or shipping & handling fees. The Jewel MUA discount is currently only available in the United States. 


- Simply click HERE to submit an application.

- All applications are subject to the approval of Jewel Luxury Lashes and may take up to 7 business days to process your application and receive a decision.

- Please be sure is added to your contacts to avoid any missed correspondence.

- Please email all questions regarding the application process to